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COVID-19 Testing - For those with symptoms

  • If you’re sick, call your doctor or your nearest Urgent Care to get tested right away. See the list below for Urgent Care locations providing testing.
  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.
  • If you have symptoms other than fever, cough and shortness of breath, County Public Health recommends staying home until you are well.
  • If you develop a fever while home, contact your doctor to determine if you need to be tested and stay home until:
    • at least 3 days (72 hours) after fever has resolved,* AND
    • respiratory symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath have improved, AND
    • at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared. 

Note: Fever is not considered to be “resolved” if you’re still using fever-reducing medicine such as acetaminophen (Tylenol®) or ibuprofen (Advil®).

  • If you are sick but are having trouble getting tested, please call the County Public Health Department at 805-781-5500 or book an appointment at a State Testing Site

COVID-19 Testing - For those without symptoms

  • State Testing Sites welcome those with or without symptoms.
  • Advanced registration is required.  No walk-ins are accepted.
  • Appointments are available Monday-Friday 7am-7pm. 

Antibody Testing

  • While antibody testing for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not currently available by the San Luis Obispo County Public Health lab, local health officials say SLO County is positioning itself to have the tests when FDA approved tests become available to California. 
    • Local labs may be offering antibody testing, but the accuracy of these tests can't be confirmed.
  • There are two different types of tests for COVID-19. One is a nasal swab test currently available in SLO County that can detect whether a person currently has the virus that causes COVID-19. The other is an antibody blood test, which can detect whether a person has previously had the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Antibody testing, which is also often called serologic testing or immunity testing, can reveal whether a person’s immune system has mounted a response to the virus.
  • “We are eager to get a reliable antibody test to know if large numbers of community residents previously had the virus,” said Dr. Borenstein. “Right now, we (the county) can only test whether a person currently has the virus.”
  • When tests are found to be effective and reliable, they will be more widely available including in SLO County. 

State Guidance on serology testing 

Important Notes

  • We have broadened our clinical criteria to increase the number of individuals who should be considered appropriate for testing, and we encourage other healthcare providers to do the same.  
  • Consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Public Health Department no longer requires screening for other viral respiratory illnesses prior to testing for COVID-19.  
  • Priority groups for testing include: all local healthcare workers, first responders and emergency workers, and higher risk individuals including seniors and those with underlying conditions. 
  • Health clinicians do not need to consult the Public Health Department before gathering and submitting specimens. 
  • Again, if you are sick and presenting even mild symptoms, please get tested for COVID-19. 

Testing Locations


Provider Name

Provider Address

Provider Phone

Patients accepting:

Cambria Vets Memorial

1000 Main St. Cambria, CA 93428


All welcome

Dignity Health Urgent Care Atascadero

5920 W. Mall, Atascadero, CA 93422


Established & Non-established Patients

Dignity Health Urgent Care Central Coast

2271 D Depot St, Santa Maria, CA 93455


Established & Non-established Patients

Dignity Health Urgent Care Central Orcutt

1102 E Clark Ave Ste 120A Santa Maria, CA 93455


Established & Non-established Patients

Dignity Health Urgent Care Pismo Beach

877 N Oak Park Blvd, Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Established & Non-established Patients

Family & Industrial Medical Center

47 Santa Rosa St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


Established & Non-established Patients

Los Osos Red Barn

2180 Palisades Ave, Los Osos, CA 93402 Register All welcome

Med Post Urgent Care of Atascadero

7330 El Camino Real, Atascadero


Established & Non-established Patients

Med Stop Urgent Care

283 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


Established & Non-established Patients

Medplus Atascadro

5920 W Mall, Atascadero, CA 93422


Established & Non-established Patients

MedPlus Pismo

877 N Oak Park Blvd, Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Established & Non-established Patients

MedPost Urgent Care of Paso Robles

500 1st St, Paso Robles


Established & Non-established Patients

Medworks Medical Centers

350 Posada Ln, Templeton, CA 93465


Established & Non-established Patients

Ramona Garden Park Center 993 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach, CA 93433 Register ALL CA Residents 

Paso Robles Veterans Center

240 Scott St, Paso Robles, CA 93446


ALL CA Residents

Primary Care Partners SLO

84 Santa Rosa St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


Established Patients & Select Non-established Patients (patients family, first responders, healthcare workers)

The Lapidus Clinic Yelena Lapidus

6627 Bay Laurel Pl A, Avila Beach, CA 93424


Established & Non-established Patients

San Luis Obispo Vets Hall

 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


All welcome

Urgent Care of Atascadero (Central Coast Urgent Care)

9700 El Camino Real #100, Atascadero, CA 93422


Established & Non-established Patients

Urgent Care of Morro Bay

783 Quintana Rd, Morro Bay, CA 93442


Established & Non-established Patients

Urgent Care of Pismo Beach

2 James Way Suite 214, Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Established & Non-established Patients 

Contact Tracing

Curious to know how contact tracing works? 

Contact Tracing