We are counting on you to protect San Luis Obispo County's economy and our community's health. Wear a face covering around others and stay six feet from others when you leave your home.  

Top 5 Ways to Slow the Spread 

  1. Wear a face covering in public (it only works if you wear it) 
  2. Stay six feet apart from others (it only works if you do it) 
  3. Stay at home when sick (don’t risk getting others sick) 
  4. Avoid in-person gatherings with people who don’t live with you (don’t risk bringing the virus home with you) 
  5. Wash your hands regularly (this is just good sense) 


  What to do if You are Sick 

Caring for Someone Sick at Home 

You don’t want to get sick while caring for a member of your family at home. Take these steps to prevent illness: 

  • Limit contact 

  • Eat in separate rooms or areas 

  • Avoid sharing personal items 

  • When to wear a mask or gloves 

  • Clean your hands often 

  • Clean and then disinfect 

  • Wash and dry laundry 

  • Use lined trash can 

  • Track your own health 

 For More Information see the CDC page: Caring for Someone Sick at Home 


Sample Social Media Posts You Can Share 

Help us slow the spread by sharing our social media posts 

Sample #1 

Maintaining 6ft of physical distance isn't always easy, but it is one of the steps you can take to #SLOtheSpread of #COVID19. Do your part for your friends, family, and neighbors. #WeAreSLOCounty 


 Sample #2 

Wear cloth face coverings to limit the spread of COVID-19. #SLOtheSpread of #COVID19. Do your part for your friends, family, and neighbors. #WeAreSLOCounty 


 Sample #3 

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water to help #SLOtheSpread of #COVID19. Do your part for your friends, family, and neighbors. #WeAreSLOCounty 

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