What is Housing for the Harvest? 

The County of San Luis Obispo in partnership with the State of California is providing services to farmworkers and food processing workers who need assistance with isolation and quarantine from COVID-19.

If you are a farmworker or food processing worker who has COVID-19 or has been around someone who has COVID-19 you may be able to receive isolation or quarantine support.  

By staying in a hotel away from others, you can protect your family and co-workers from getting COVID-19.  

Your information is kept safe and you won't be asked about your immigration status.  

Support Includes
  • A hotel room for up to 14 days

  • Free meals

  • Free transportation

  • Free wellness checks

Contact Us for More Information 

Call to see if you can get a free hotel room: 

Phone Number: 805-781-1061

Email Us 
More Information

Visit COVID19.ca.gov/housing-for-agricultural-workers for more information.