County Public Health Information for Healthcare Providers

Guidance and resources for healthcare providers on COVID-19 including PPE information, testing criteria, and more. 

Note: The Public Health Department does not provide COVID-19 testing for the purposes of pre-operative clearance.

Organization and Business Testing

The State of California provides a program to offer testing resources to healthcare organizations and other community organizations. This program provides training and testing materials for its partners. If you are interested in learning more about how you could receive free or reduced-cost testing resources please visit this link.

Requests for PPE

  • Check to see if you can acquire PPE from one of these suppliers.
  • The county is providing PPE supplies to medical providers for their own use ONLY for treating COVID and suspected COVID patients.
  • Please reference the PPE Supplier list for alternatives if your normal supplier is unable to fill your orders.
  • Requests for PPE can be made by calling the San Luis Obispo County EMS Duty Officer at (805) 380-3411 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM. 

PPE for Dental Care Providers

Limited quantity of critical PPE available to California dentists at

  • Emergency PPE from the state is available now to licensed dentists in California through The Dentists Supply Company while supplies last.
  • California licensed dentists can now order limited quantities of critical personal protective equipment that is in short supply through traditional, commercial distribution channels.
  • The California Dental Association worked with state officials to secure the PPE for dentists, who are beginning to resume the provision of deferred and preventive dental care in accordance with updated state guidance issued earlier this month. CDA announced last week that The Dentists Supply Company, a CDA subsidiary, took delivery of the PPE and that staff would first inspect, re-sort and package the equipment to ensure the PPE could reach as many licensed dentists in the state as possible. 
  • TDSC packaged the supplies into 25,000 kits, each containing quantities of surgical masks, face shields, KN95s, N95s (in the first 20,040 kits) and surgical gowns. The items were pulled from the state‚Äôs pandemic response stockpile.
  • View and order a PPE kit at


CDPH guidance on pregnancy and breastfeeding during COVID-19

Dental Provider Guidance

Hospital Discharge Reporting Process of Confirmed COVID-19 Patients

The County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department (PHD) asks all hospitals in the county to report any confirmed COVID-19 patient discharges. Approval from the PHD is not required for discharge.

When discharging confirmed COVID-19 patients to long-term care facilities (SNF, ICF, AL, ARF), the hospital must first consult with the facility to confirm their ability to take the patient. If unable to find a long-term care facility that will accept the patient, please report this in your email or phone call.

Prior to discharge, hospitals will fax the following information to (805)781-5543 or call (805)781-5500 to report the following information:

  • Patient Name 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Admission Date 
  • Discharge Destination (Home or Facility Name) 
  • Symptoms Present OR Asymptomatic? 
  • Anticipated Discharge Date If the patient is being discharged to a long-term care facility (SNF, ICF, Assisted Living, ARF)

After being informed of the discharge, Public Health Department staff will contact the receiving long-term care facility and ask them the following questions: 

  • Confirm patient that is being discharged (Patient Name & DOB) 
  • Does the facility have the PPE resources necessary to care for this patient?
  • If not, what PPE resources does your facility need to care for this patient? 
  • Does the facility have the capability to isolate the patient? 
  • Does the facility have sufficient staffing to be able to care for this patient?

Non-Congregate Sheltering for California Healthcare Workers Program 

This All Facilities Letter (AFL) notifies healthcare facilities of the Non-Congregate Sheltering for California Healthcare Workers Program, a program that provides hotel rooms to frontline healthcare workers who are exposed to or test positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  Healthcare facilities must certify to the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) that they treat confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients for their employees to be eligible. This AFL provides letter templates for facilities to submit to Cal OES. The entire AFL is available at the link below.     

Other resources

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