Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector-Public Administrator (ACTTCPA)

(805) 781-5831  Public Counter Open: No

  • Property tax payments (online, drop box in lobby)
  • Business license renewals (online)
  • Transient Occupancy Tax and other payments (online)

Note: Under state law, the April 10 deliquency date for the second installment of annual property taxes remains in effect. 

 Agriculture/Weights and Measures

(805) 781-5910  Public Counter Open: No

  • Conducting pesticide use enforcement
  • Issuing export certification for agricultural commodities
  • Inspecting incoming commodity shipments of agricultural commodities and other plant material
  • Conducting exotic pest detection activities based on temporary help availability. 


(805) 781-5205 Public Counter Open: Yes

  •  Airport is open unless and until directed otherwise by the FAA.

 Animal Services

(805) 781-4400 Public Counter Open: Yes (modified)


  • Normal animal care of sheltered animals
  • Medical care of sheltered animals
  • Custodial intake
  • Field Service intakes
  • Returned to Owner (RTO)
  • Adoption (by appointment)
  • Owner surrender (by appointment only)
  • Euthanasia


  • Bite report processing
  • Lost and Found reporting (online or by phone only)


  • Agency assistance
  • Aggressive/public safety animal response
  • Bite quarantine
  • Abuse/Neglect/Welfare investigations
  • Injured/ill animal intake

 Behavioral Health

(800) 838-1381 Public Counter Open: Yes (Modified)

  •  Crisis Hotline available 24/7: 800-783-0607
  • Psychiatric Health Facility
  • Crisis Stabilization Units
  • Mobile Mental Health Evaluation Teams and hospital-based services
  • Assessment services through the Access Phone line: 800-838-1381
  • Regional clinic sites will remain open with minimal on-site staffing; crisis calls and appointments are still answered at 1-800-838-1381
  • Clinic medication services
  • Martha's Place will facilitate medication refills for children
  • Other treatment services provided by telephone/telehealth

 Child Support Services

(866) 901-3212 Public Counter Open: Yes

  •  Processing child support orders
  • Provide all essential services
  • No genetic testing


(805) 781-5080 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Elections
  • Recordings (via Electronic Recordings and by mail)
  • Other services provided by mail: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, official record copies, FBNs, notaries, CEQA, filings
  • Vote By Mail ballot drop box will be available in lobby
  • Marriage licenses by appointment only

 County Fire

(805) 543-4244 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Open and providing regular services

 District Attorney

(805) 781-5800 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Court support-adult and juvenile
  • Case filings
  • Court calendar
  • Victim-witness advocates
  • Discovery processing
  • Investigations
  • Imminent risk CAIT interviews
  • Some cyber lab services for exigent circumstances only


(805) 781-5991 Public Counter Open: No

  •  All branches are closed.

 Parks and Recreation

(805) 781-5930 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Golf and parks are open
  • Campgrounds and playgrounds are closed

 Planning and Building

(805) 781-5600 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Inspections
  • Code enforcement for health and safety issues
  • Emergency permits


(805) 781-5300 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Youth detention supervision
  • Adult probabtion services at Casa Loma and Prado Rd
  • Juvenile  probation services

Public Guardian

Public Counter Open: No

  •  Continuing regular services

 Public Health

(805) 781-5500 Public Counter Open: Yes (modified)

  • Communicable disease investigations
  • Laboratory
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Environmental health
  • Juvenile Services Center
  • Medically Indigent Services Program (MISP)
  • Vital records (including birth certificates and death certificates)
  • Suspected Abuse Response Team (SART)
  • WIC is continuing to enroll clients and distribute food vouchers via telephone and distribute emergency breastfeeding supplies/ equipment
  • Foster care case management
  • Field nursing is triaging urgent referrals and following up by phone
  • Reproductive health is conducting visits by phone

 Public Works

(805) 781-5252 Public Counter Open: No

  • Wastewater/water operations
  • Roads operations
  • Flood control operations


(805) 781-4550 Public Counter Open: Yes

  •  Daily services continue

 Social Services

(805) 781-1600 Public Counter Open: Yes

  •  Child Welfare Services
  • Adult Services: In-Home Supportive Services and Public Authority
  • CalWORKS
  • CalFresh
  • Medi-Cal
  • General Assistance
  • Hotlines for both Child Welfare Services and Adult Services are functioning as usual

 UC Cooperative Extension

(805) 781-5940 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Providing support for agriculture, agricultural research, ensuring community members have access to food

 Veterans Services

(805) 781-5766 Public Counter Open: No

  •  Administration and processing of veterans' claims